Counselling Psychology therapy practice - treating anxiety, stress, CBT, depression and more at Finding Space based in Muswell Hill, North London

What is a Counselling Psychologist?

Counselling Psychology combines the art of counselling with the science of psychology. Counselling psychologists are professionally trained, and are concerned with the integration of the latest psychological research and evidence with therapeutic practice, which is tailored to the individual needs of the client. Counselling Psychologists are bound by the BPS Code of Ethics and practice, and are employed in the NHS, industry, commerce, prisons, education, the voluntary sector, private practice and in academia.

Our philosophy

Our aim at the Finding Space Counselling Psychology Practice is to create a safe, open and supportive space where you can discuss and explore your issues. We believe that this provides the foundation for working towards a more harmonious understanding and experience of your inner psychological space, enabling you to gain a sense of well being within yourself and in your relationships.

How can therapy help?

Whilst therapy often cannot provide a 'quick fix' solution to most problems, it can be useful in helping you to find your own answers. This can be provided either through a more pragmatic problem solving approach, or through the provision of a supportive and exploratory setting in which you become more able to get in touch with your thoughts and feelings. This can lead to helpful realisations of how past experiences may have impacted upon your present behaviour, and give you the understanding needed to move on.

Issues that can be addressed in psychological therapy include: anxiety, bereavement and loss, body image, depression, low self-esteem/confidence, relationship difficulties, trauma, childhood abuse, anger, adjustment problems, issues around life stages/events or the impact of physical health problems, parenting issues, identity or cultural issues, psycho-sexual problems, phobias and stress.

Psychological therapy can also be useful for personal development, whether this means achieving your goals at work, or exploring your inner world through dreams and active imagination, with the aim of achieving greater self-awareness and understanding.

West Hill House Consulting Rooms, 6 Swains Lane Highgate, N6 6QS
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