CAT informed therapy with Finding Space based in Muswell Hill, North London

CAT informed therapy

is an integrative approach, which makes use of the practice and theory of cognitive analytic therapy (CAT). The theory behind CAT understands people as fundamentally relational, and the problems that we face as being rooted in the ways in which we have learned to relate to others. In practice the therapist and client work collaboratively to formulate an understanding of the clients' issues, and how they evolved in early life. The focus is then shifted to understanding how problematic patterns of relating and behaving are maintained in the present, both with significant others and within the therapeutic relationship. The therapist and client can then work together to actively address change, which can involve the joint setting of work between sessions. Diagrams and written material can be used as tools to aid understanding, or challenge and revise old patterns of being, which are contributing to distress.


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