Psychodynamic Therapy with Finding Space based in Muswell Hill, North London

Psychodynamic therapy

is based on psychodynamic theory, which sees people as often caught between conflicting thoughts or feelings, and sometimes unaware or unconscious about aspects of themselves, which can contribute to distress. In practice the therapist takes up the position of listening attentively, whilst trying to help you make links between your thoughts and feelings, and understand them in different ways, which can involve connecting them to events in childhood, or your early relationships. The therapist may make observations about how you and he/she are relating to each other, which can be a helpful indicator of how you may have related to others in the past or present. The process of change occurrs as you become more aware of feelings, thoughts or ways of being which had previously been unconscious. This process can result in an increasing acceptance and understanding of yourself and your relationships with others.


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