Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with Finding Space based in Muswell Hill, North London

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) hypothesizes that the emotions we experience and how we behave are determined by the way we think and perceive situations. If our perception of a situation is negative, this will result in negative emotions and negative behaviours, which can lead to emotional distress, and even emotional disorders. By challenging our negative thoughts and beliefs, it is possible to reduce this emotional distress. Much of the CBT treatment is based on working in the 'here and now', and it aims at helping you bring about desired changes in your life through learning new ways of behaving and problem solving. CBT emphasizes the collaborative basis of the client/therapist relationship, which means that that you and your therapist work together to plan strategies to deal with problems and achieve explicitly agreed therapeutic goals within a time-limited framework. All aspects of the therapy are made explicit to you and there is often an educational dimension to the work, so that you are kept informed as to how the therapy works.

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